More Changes in my Life!

It has been an interesting 11 months, full of changes:

1) My dad, who has Parkinson’s Disease decided to have a Deep Brain Simulator implanted to help in managing his disease. This decision has meant a lot of trips to Baton Rouge for me and a chance to hear some funny stories of his youth. It has also taught me a lot of patience.

2) In August, the week dad had this surgery, I lost my Grandmother Stroud who was almost 96, otherwise known to me as my Memie).

3) In October, we announced that we were expecting our #2 child.

4) That same month my mother retired and moved to Florida (actually it was November when she moved). She is no longer just 8-12 hours away, but has enjoyed telling me how warm it is, especially when we were freezing in January!

5) In February, I turned 40 (yea, I don’t act it, so that really wasn’t much of a change)

6) On March 1, 2011, Caleb Gene Breeding was born.

7) And the latest change in my life happened on March 15, 2011, when I turned in my resignation as the Director for Information System at Louisiana Tech University’s Alumni Center. I’ve been an employee of Louisiana Tech for almost 15 years and I have grown to love the University that I graduated from even more than I did when I was a student.

I will be starting a job with Donnie Bell Design on April 11, 2011 as a web programmer for them. Be sure to visit their site, blog, Twitter feed, and Facebook page!



Photos from the last Two Weeks

Recent Photos from the last two weeks:




Update for Caleb

Breif history for the day,  Jennifer was scheduled for the second C-section of the day, but she got bumped due to an emergency C-section.  Caleb waited patiently until 11:15 am (March 1, 2011) to show his 7lb 7 oz 19″ self!

He had a little problem exspelling all of the flued from the lungs and his color wasn’t great, his respirations were a little fast as well, so off to the NICU he went (just the one in the hospital, no transfer this time to another hospital).  He hung out there most the day and as of 8 pm tonight he has been released on probation to the regularly nursery. If he behaves he can stay, if not, he will be sent back to the NICU. 🙂 — We are encouraging him to behave, ha!

Click HERE to see photos!

More to come later…