Where is February?

Where did February go? It was a short month, although it was longer than usual and it still disappeared before we knew it! And now it is almost Easter?

It could be the trips. We went to Batesville, AR at the start of the month, for a quick trip, then I was in Kansas City for 3.5 days (yes I ate some good BBQ) and then to Dallas the last day of the month for Angie’s Baby shower.

While in KC, I did get to eat at Arthur Bryants (the original) location. I even got to eat with my old college roommate Keith, who doesn’t live in KC, but was there working that week. Pretty crazy how it all worked out. We ate at Jack Stack BBQ (the #1 rated BBQ in KS). It was also very good. The rest of the time in KC was spent in class, learning a new web site back-end system for my ” job.” I won’t going into the details, yes you can thank me later.
Jennifer is doing well. She is staying really busy with work and averages seeing 12 babies a week. She also is having to contend more and more with her two children, as Caden and I have already started plotting against her! 😉

Ok, what you really want to hear about, Caden. He is 9 months and while not crawling on all 4’s except for a short distance, he has no problem with the belly crawl and has learned to pull himself up all the way to his feet.

He also has now been to Texas (notice I left “The Great State of…” out) so that is one more state he can add to his list.

Caden loves to giggle and make faces, and makes us laugh a whole lot. He has discovered Emma (our dog) and watches her when she walks by and tries to pet her.

What you really want are the pictures, so here they are, some even with captions! http://www.nealbreeding.com/photos/134/index.php


Neal and the Family

P.S. — go to www.nealbreeding.com to see an extra “bonus” Easter photo!

Need a PDF?

Many of my customers have a need for creating PDF documents.  Most of them don’t need anything fancy and are usually on a tight budget.  If they aren’t, I recommend purchasing Acrobat from Adobe.  That is Acrobat, not Acrobat Reader.   And of course, they have muddied the waters from there, there are three versions, Standard, Pro, and Pro Extended.

How about a FREE solution though. Those solutions are my favorite.  If you don’t need any of the extra features, then PDFCreator may be the solution for you.  It is open source, so it is spyware free, but keep reading before installing.

It can be downloaded at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/pdfcreator/

1) Go to the link, click on the bar that says “Download PDFCreator” (currently it is a green button)

2) On the next screen, click on the “Download” button on the same line as “PDFCreator” package.

3) On the next screen, click on the “PDFCreator-X_X_X_setup.exe” link; note – the x’s represent numbers, example the current version is 0.9.5 so the file name would be PDFCreator-0_9_5_setup.exe.

4) The file should be downloaded now.  Run the downloaded file

5) Normally, the next few screens will act like this (the following is for version 0.9.5):

Click Next ->
Accept the agreement, Next ->
Standard Install -> Next
Name for the printer -> Next
Folder location -> Next
PDF Creator Toolbar ->  STOP! Read the following note, then watch on the next screen

NOTE: The installation will automatically want to install a PDF toolbar.  I would opt out of this option. I don’t think extra toolbars do anything but slow down your system and web browsing.

The next screen will have you select the Components, uncheck PDF Creator Toolbar…

Click Next and continue following the directions on the screen.

It is installed, what now?

So you have it installed, how do you use it, your ask? When PDFCreator was installed, it installed itself as a printer.  Anything you can print, you can create a PDF.   Open the program where your document is, Select your File menu, then Print, then look for a PDFCreator Printer.  When you print to a PDF, the printer will pop up and ask you to save the PDF to a location.  I recommend the Desktop or My Documents.

That it is.