Windows Installation and Updates, Updates, and more Updates!

pardon my ranting…

Recently a friend’s computer was reloaded with a clean copy of Windows XP Media edition. After which, a visit to Microsoft’s web site for updates is recommended. There were 91 critical patches, um, I mean updates.

After installing them, and a reboot, which I won’t fault Windows for, even Macs normally reboot after updates, there were 5 new critical patches updates. So either 5 updates didn’t take or there were 5 new ones, were required to patch the patches or update the updates, however you want to look at it?

Next was the Software “Optional” updates. These updates include root certification, Windows Media player updates, .net, etc. There were 8 of them. Not a big deal, but right after I installed these 8 updates, reboot, rerun of windows updates, and there are now 9 critical updates again?

Does this make sense to anyone? (yes sarcasm) And who has done this, a clean install of an OS, and would LOVE Bill Gates to sit down at a computer and do it himself, and see how time consuming and what a pain a clean install is?

A side note, the reason for the clean installation was a week’s worth of trying to remove spyware, not thanks to Microsoft’s security lacking software had infected the computer beyond repair.

Thanks for reading this rant… please return to your regular scheduled program 🙂