Christmas has Come and Gone!

Christmas has come and gone, and we went here and there. First to Hot Springs Village, AR to see Jennifer’s family. While visiting Jennifer’s family, we got to introduce Caden to one of his great grandmothers, who will be 90 later this year!Then to Owensboro, KY, (on the way, driving through Missouri for 26.2 miles, then on through TN, until we reached KY) to see my grandmother who is going to be 93 this Sunday!

Next to Nashville, to see my family, then home through Alabama and Mississippi. An estimated 1414 miles and traveling through 6 states (counting LA). Throughout the whole trip he was a trooper and traveled well. Never fussy for more than 30 minutes on any one day!

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Baby Jesus

By that title you may have guessed it!?? Yep! Caden starred in his first drama production as baby Jesus. Ok, so it was a really small role. Carried in during one song, to the front, entertained by lots of people for the rest of that song and the next one, and then out he went.

The funny part… you know there always is one with “us!” We got to church that night at 5:30 p.m. and were asked then if he could be “borrowed.” The couple that was playing Mary and Joseph had kept him in extended session (during “big” church that morning) and are friends of ours, so we had no problem letting him play the part.

But since this was last minute, we hadn’t fed him, and he was expecting a bottle about the time he was going to play his part. He doesn’t take pacifiers so if he was ready for the bottle, he was going to be ready for it, and would let us all know.

As you would expect from a professional, though, he put his hunger aside, played the role perfectly and even fell asleep during the second song (which was NOT a lullaby, what does that say about your singing Joe Brown, you put him right to sleep!?)

Luckily I as able to take a few picture with “Mary’s” camera, so there are a few here:

A Bit of Goofyness

Caden and I play this game every night while mommy is getting his bath ready. I undress him and when I get to his onesie, the game begins. To keep him from getting upset when I pull it over his head, I count 1, 2, 3, and pull it real fast over his head, then back again. He just giggles.

One night, the onesie got “stuck on his head, and the camera just happen to be near by:

Another night, while Jennifer was getting his bottle ready, I was entertaining Caden, and well, he felt like I needed a little loving, so he planted a big wet one right on me!

More of these goofy pics are at:


I can feed myself!

Well it has been a little while since the last Caden update and we’ve been busy!

Caden turned 6 months on December 6, and we started on rice cereal that Thursday. Jennifer left me “in charge” of feeding him the following Monday while she and a friend went to the Lady Techster Basketball game. And we had FUN.

I can feed myself!

We are “boys” we are suppose to be messy, right? It didn’t take very long for Caden to tell me that he was more than capable of feeding himself, and so I let him. Notice the absence of a baby bib. If he can feed himself, why does he need one? This photo was taken early on… the next photo was after “we” were finished!

Of course, we figured we might be in trouble if mom came home before we got cleaned up, so we quickly went and took a bath and Caden was in bed and mom was none the wiser when she got home. She did, however, notice the next time she fed him that he started grabbing the spoon to try and feed himself.

When she ask me about it, I just acted a bit surprise 🙂