Is it Really August?

So it has been a little while… and as you might of guessed, everyone is doing well, otherwise you would have heard from us!

Caden had his 2 month check up today and he is NOW in the 25th percentile, last visit, he had made it to the 20th, (he was below that when he was born, so his doctor is THRILLED with how well he is doing). He was 10 lbs, 9 oz and 23+ inches long today.

Jennifer is doing well, BP is down, she is off the medicine for the BP, and she even started back to work last week, but she didn’t have a real busy week, one of the advantages of working for herself.

Photos, I’ve updated photos at

Video, well last night I was talking with my sister and she said, “Is that baby talking yet??” I responded, “Nope, but he is walking.” She wanted to know if I could make a video of it, so I did, enjoy:

We are still playing catch up with thank cards, so if you haven’t gotten one yet, let me thank you all for all the GREAT food (and most of you know how picky I am, but we ate everything), the gifts, the cash, and especially the prayers!