Late May Update

Well… we are 5 weeks out, or a month and a week, as I like to say (sounds further away). Yes, I know Baby-X COULD come early (thanks for pointing that out Shelli!)

So as you might have guessed, still no name, although I have at least glanced at the book of names now (Jennifer made her list a few months ago, and e-mailed it to me, no, really, I mean it, she e-mailed it to me? Guess she thought I would look at it, nope! Can’t contaminate my brain.

Back to the names, thanks for all the suggestions that were made, but Trey (which I’m told isn’t really a name), Andrew, “Bo” and/or “Luke” (Duke?), Clint, Clint Alan (even if it is a girl), have all been considered. Will they be on the final list? We’ll see, but I wouldn’t hold your breath, ha! 🙂

So once my list is made, we’ll compare and go from there…

The Room… we may not have a name, but the room is almost done, wanna see some updated photos? If so, go to this link:

Jennifer is doing well, her BP is up a little and she has a little swelling, but she has been trying to take it easy as much as possible. Guess I’ll be mowing the grass tomorrow (just kidding, I don’t make her do that).

Finally, if you want to reply to this message, just hit the reply button and it will now go to Jennifer and me.

Have a great week!