Cleaver Videos

I ran across a YouTube Channel last week and thought the videos were really funny. They are all really short and cleverly done with some neat special effects.  Here was my favorite one:

To view the other video’s visit the YouTube Channel by clicking here.

Inexpensive Disney Souveniers


I save a lot of tips that I’ve picked up from‘s newsletter, if you don’t subscribe to it, and you are a Disney fan, you should.  Here was one tip that we used on our 2012 Trip.

‘Pressed Pennies are some of the cheapest souvenirs at Walt Disney World. You can plan to buy these! Buy and consume a tube (or multiple tubes!) of mini M&M’s. Save the tubes! Then stack sets of two quarters and a penny in order in the tube. Carry the tubes with you and you’ll always be ready with the exact needed coinage for each pressed penny machine.’

There are even portfolios to keep your pressed pennies in.  For more of my favorite Passporter tips, click here.