April Update

It has been a little over a month since the last update (see I promised not to bombard you with lots of e-mails! Jennifer had an appointment yesterday and everything is looking good. She is now on a 2 weeks schedule (going to the Doc every 2 weeks, instead of every three).

Still no name, well ok, that isn’t really true, we do have a name… wanna hear it? Baby-X! ha! (Thanks a lot Chad). Yes it will probably be when he gets here that we decide on a name… gotta have a little suspense, huh?

Jennifer said to me last Thursday night, “You know we only have 10 weeks left?” My reply was, “Shut Up! (followed by laughter). We have too much stuff to do before X gets here!” Of course that was last Thursday, so now that I think about it, that makes us at 9 weeks now?? Better get busy on that room!

Speaking of which… it is a Dr. Seuss theme and you can see the status of it on-line at: http://www.nealbreeding.com/photos/broom/

We are making good progress on it and hope to have more pictures up soon.

God Bless!

Neal, Jennifer, Emma (dog), and Baby-X