FREE Music Today!

Free Music!

If you know me very well, or if you knew me in college, you know that I have a pretty large music collection.  Recently I starting using Amazon’s MP3 store.  I wanted to share that today, April 30, 2009 there are some Free Christian Music Samplers!

The Back Story

Let’s chase a rabbit, as my sister and I would say.  Last summer I went to Kansas City for a 4 day conference for work.   A few months before that, I was there for a few days of training for a product we use at work.  I was asked to serve on a committee for this company which requires  a couple of trips a year to KC.  The last trip was in January and quick trip.  I flew in, we met that night and the next day and I flew out that afternoon.  Lot of time with the iPod and the ear buds and on a loud plane.

I decided after this trip in January that it was time to find a better solution.  While I would love to by a pair of Bose On-Ear Headphones I really don’t travel enough to spend that much on a pair.

I found web site that gives cash for old iPhones, iPods, and Blackberries, and while that is another rabbit to chase, for another time, I sent in some old stuff and got back about $35 in cash.

I settled on a pair from Sony that were right in my price range ($35).   I’m looking forward to my trip to KC in July to see how good/bad they work on the plane.  The bonus, and the purpose of this “chase” is to share why I’ve been checking out Amazon’s MP3 store daily.  Last week I received and e-mail from Amazon that said:

As a someone who purchased a qualifying MP3 player, accessory, or audio device in the past 3 to 4 weeks, you have automatically qualified for $5 worth of Amazon MP3 downloads.

I will probably be sharing a few more posts with good deals I find.  If you like any of them feel free to comment and I’ll keep them coming!

Spend a buck, get 8 bucks back… Good deal?

“State Rep. Hollis Downs will use the realization that Louisiana Tech returns almost $8 for every $1 spent as he argues against cuts to higher education this year.

The rate of return on the investment the state makes in Tech comes as part of a larger study by the eight members of the University of Louisiana System. Tech President Dan Reneau presented the results of the study in a news conference Friday. The university’s spending impact statewide clocks in at $462.5 million.”

Read the entire article at:

Tech’s budget cuts are estimated at being a total of about 12 million this year. I encourage my fellow Tech Alumns, regardless of where you live, to contact the LA Gov.’s office and demand higher education’s funding be restored. If enough of us put pressure on his office, he’ll have to give in. He did on the on the pay raises (see: for details).

Contact Gov. Jindal’s Office at:

PO Box 94004
Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9004
Phone: 225-342-7015 or 866-366-1121 (Toll Free)
Fax: 225-342-7099
e-mail at:

Free Day in the Park!

3774976Free Day in the Park: Free Admission to All State Parks on Saturday, April 18

In celebration of 75 years of Louisiana State Parks, Lt. Governor Mitch Landrieu declared Saturday, April 18, to be a free “Day in the Park.” During this special event, entrance fees will be waived for all visitors to Louisiana’s State Parks and Historic Sites throughout the state.

“For three-quarters of a century, our State Parks and Historic Sites have given locals and visitors a chance to experience Louisiana’s natural beauty,” said Lt. Governor Landrieu, who oversees the Office of State Parks. “We are proud to have one of the finest parks systems in the country, offering recreational and educational opportunities throughout Louisiana. Our parks and historic sites are vitally important to our local economies. I invite you to come see for yourself all our State Parks have to offer.”

For more information about the 75th Anniversary and Louisiana State Parks visit or call 1-888-677-1400.

List of Parks

Tax Day Relief!

Here are some Tax Day deals I’ve read about today. Not much for the Ruston area, but of you know of something else, feel free to comment! Enjoy!

Visit a participating restaurant April 15 and hang onto your receipt. The “Tax Relief Day Special” lets you return before April 30 to receive the same order for free.

Stop by Cinnabon from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. April 15 for free cinnamon-roll bites (regularly $2.49 for four).

The Tax Relief Sale offers savings of up to $2,000 on select models purchased on or before April 15.

Kimpton Hotels
Through April 30, ask for the Sweet Tax Relief Package and the hotel will pay the tax on your room. (At the Sky Hotel is Aspen that saves you the 10% that would have been tacked onto the $187-per-night deluxe room.) Dine at a property’s restaurant, and they’ll pay the sales tax there, too.

Maggie Moo’s Ice Cream and Treatery
On April 15, get one free scoop of ice cream.

McCormick & Schmick’s
On April 15, the chain offers a $10.40 menu of entrees. (Entrees regularly range from $16 to $33.) Each diner also receives a $10.40 “tax relief” gift certificate for a future meal.

PF Chang ’s China Bistro
Dine at one of P.F. Chang’s 130-plus restaurant locations across the country on April 15, and save 15% on the total bill.

Taco Del Mar
Sign up online to receive a coupon for a free taco (regularly $1.89) during the “Taxes Suck, Tacos Don’t” promotion April 15.

T.G.I. Friday’s
On April 15, diners receive a $5 gift card when they spend $15 to $25. They earn a $10 card for a purchase of more than $25.
Save 10.4% (it’s advertised as 10.40%) on all orders at this T-shirt and apparel web site using code TAXDAYZAZZLE at checkout. Offer only good on April 15.

Caden’s Nap

Last week, Caden was home all week with a virus. Of course by Wednesday he was feeling better, very little fever, so he didn’t think he needed an afternoon nap.

This of course didn’t stop me from trying to make him take a nap!   After about an hour of him playing in his bed, I went to check on him and saw that he had thrown everything out of his bed and onto the floor.

Of course, I went to get the camera instead of just going in to get him out of the bed.


The next day, Jennifer stayed home with him in the afternoon. He did the exact same thing with all of his stuff, but he added his clothes to the pile.  Yes he was completely naked!  Please note that I said that he only added his clothes to the pile, not his diaper.  Caden knew the diaper was suppose to go in the Daiper Champ, which is where he tried to throw it after taking it off! Sorry no photos from Thursday!  My Mom had told me this was coming, and so it did! ha!