I don’t get it? Do you?

** Updated **

It appears the embedded YouTube video is only working some of the time. If the link does not work below, go to YouTube and search for “” and you should be able to find it.  There is also an “alternate ending” video that is even funnier.

After YEARS of Apple making fun of Microsoft in the “Get a Mac” ads (the “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” ads), Microsoft says they are finally going to fight back.  The code name of this campaign is “Windows, not Walls?”  I did feel better today when I heard that this phrase is just the code name for the campaign and “might” not actually be the “slogan” for the campaign.  I can only hope they come up with a better slogan.

If you read my blog regularly, you know that I recently bought a Mac. I am still very pleased with it, but I also feel like Microsoft has not received a fair shake in the press.  It is “fun” to beat up on Microsoft and I do my share of bashing, but Windows Vista has had less problems than XP did when it was first released.  I will refrain from going on with this thought, so stay on topic (as oppose to chasing that rabbit!)

So who does Microsoft hire to help them with this “Windows not Walls” campaign? None other than Jerry Seinfeld (for only 10 million dollars, I might add)!?  He isn’t someone I probably would have first picked, but I love watching his reruns on TBS, so there is potential there for some funny ads.

I do remember a Mac sitting in the background on Seinfeld, but Jerry never used it (at least I don’t remember him ever using it).  I thought maybe they would use that someway in talking about “switching” to a PC?  Probably wouldn’t work though?

I stopped my guessing last week when I saw the first commercial and I’m completely dumbfounded? So dumbfounded that I felt compelled to write about it and see if I can get a response from anyone else.  I don’t get it.  I thought it might be me, but apparently not, after I showed it to a few other friends.

What do you think?

The iRobot Temptation

Another week, another movie. No I won’t be releasing one a week, but I am catching up on video footage that I’ve had for a while.  This week’s movie involves, Caden, an iRobot (robot vacuum — you do know I’m a computer nerd), and a terrible parent for telling him no one day, then letting him turn on the robot the next day, so I could capture it on video.  Enjoy!

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