Photos of the Disappearing Wall Bed

Baby Breeding #2 is inheriting Caden’s Dr. Seuss room and Caden is inheriting our former “guest” bedroom.  We had we had a really nice big Queen size bed in this room, and we hated to lose it.  The solution we came up with was for me to build a Murphy style bed.  The one I selected is called Disappearing Wall Bed.

Although it is not 100% complete, it is ready to go. I still have some touch up paint a few other minor adjustments to make on the bed.  As for Caden’s room, I still have some additional painting and new baseboards that I need to install.

Here are few photos from earlier in the week and yesterday.




I’ve Got time, Don’t I???

In the beginning of the movie The Incredibles, Mr. Incredible sees a police chase, he checks his watch and says “Yeah, I’ve got time.” That is what I’ve been saying in preparation for Baby Breeding #2, aka Baby Y (Caden was Baby X).

Jennifer’s has had a great pregnancy with no major issues, no high blood pressure like last time and we are well on our way to the March 2, 2011 C-section date… so I thought until today!  Because of the inability for the hospital to give a time to our doctor to preform the C-section on March 2, we’ve been moved up a day until March 1.  One day, not a big deal right? Really it isn’t, we’ve just been making plans with March 1 in mind.

I’ve not done as well as I did last time in documenting Jen’s pregnancy, but a 3+ year old does keep me busy, as well as some side web work I do.  I hope to be better the rest of this year, ha!

We are WAY ahead of where we were this time last time (especially with Caden coming 3 weeks early).

  1. We’ve already installed the car seat (didn’t do this last time until the day we went to pick him up, and after the day we had (skip down to June 13), I couldn’t remember how to operate the thing!  We are old pros this time, right?
  2. We have a name!  Caden was born on June 6, 2007, he was Baby Breeding until the morning of June 8, 2007.  What is the name you ask? Well I have to have some secrets! lol Yea, mom and sister aren’t happy about this, but I told them, “Hey we know it is a boy!”
  3. His room is 99% complete, of course it is Caden’s old room and we are moving Caden to the former guest bedroom (which will still double as a guest bedroom, when it is done) is not done!I’m currently building a Murphy Bed, make that a Disappearing wall bed, Murphy is a trade marked name, ha!  I’m making progress, and hopefully I’ll have things wrapped up on it this weekend.  Of course we’ve painted Caden’s room and we’ll have a space theme going on in it eventually.  Photos are coming soon!  Check back on the blog next week for updates on Baby Y and photos!