Lightning Strikes!

We had an interesting Friday night… mom was in town for the weekend, so after we ate, came back to the house and were sitting around in the kitchen at the Bar talking and watching and listening to the thunderstorm.

BAM! Ok, so that isn’t the picture above, but it looked like that, ok, maybe not, but we did see the bolt come down this pine tree in the front yard and hit the ground and bust into a ball of flames!

Shortly after it happen, I went to the sink to wash something and we had NO water pressure… then I remembered, “the main (neighborhood’s) water line runs right by that tree.

When it stopped raining and storming enough that Jennifer would let me out of the house, I drover HER truck to the end of the driveway and with HER flashlight (what is it with her having a cooler vehicle and better tools than me? Guess it should be that way, huh), anyway, what I saw was a bubbling up from the ground, like you see at the start of the Beverly Hillbillies — except it was water, not oil.