Stop and Pick a Flower

Last night, Caden and I were playing with his new baseball and bat he had won from the Louisiana Tech’s F.U.N.N. day on Saturday. I was hitting the ball and he was running to retrieve it.  What a great way to tire him out at then end of the day.

Spring brings lots of little flowers in our backyard that I can’t mow down fast enough and since I hadn’t mowed in a couple of weeks they are everywhere.

After one of my hits, Caden runs full speed towards the ball, then stops only a few feet from the ball, bends down and starts picking flowers.  He had found the white dandelions and lost his focus of what he was going for, which made us laugh.

When this happens, we say “Squirrel!” (from the movie Up!)  I’ve been known to pick a flower or two or stare at the clouds while in Center field during T-ball and Pee-wee, so Caden comes by it honestly! ha! ha!