Disney Vacation Club (DVC)


Disney Vacation Club (DVC) Plug — DVC is Disney’s version of a timeshare. It does not lock you into Disney only vacations.

I have never been a fan of time shares, but we became members in 2008, which should say something about DVC.  If by chance you decide on your visit  you want to look into the Disney Vacation Club, they will tell you it takes 60 to 90 minute to get all of the information and go through the “demo” units. Plan on 2 hours to be safe. They have stuff for kids (3+) to do while you “investigate DVC” and it was a very SOFT sale.  No pressure when we said we didn’t want to buy into it right away.

Our Suggestions:

I would recommend making an appointment so you don’t have to wait for a “Guide” once you get to Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa (where the home office is located). We had to wait about 10 minutes once we got there since we had NO intention of even checking into DVC.  We decided late on our third to last day to get more information about the costs.  The only reason I was willing to consider looking into it was because my college roommate Keith, a member, said it was a very “soft” sale.  It was we did NOT buy into DVC that day, but waited about 4 months.

What we liked about our experience with our DVC visit:

  1. At the DVC booth at our resort, they told us up from what the initial buy in cost was, so there was no guessing.  We didn’t have to waste our time if we knew we didn’t want more info. Of course, we did want more information.
  2. They do treat you right: They come pick you up where ever you are and will drop you off where ever you want to go afterwards (at a specific park, resort, etc)
  3. They gave us ice cream and some free instant fast passes to use throughout the rest of our trip. Normally you can only get 1 Fast Pass at a time, with the “instant” passes, you get to use them whenever you want, no limit to how many you can have at once. (Each instant fastpass only had 3 uses on it)
  4. True to what I was told, Patti Douglas, our guide, did not pressure us at all.
  5. They will tell you that you have 3 days to decide once you get home. We waited almost 4 months and actually got a better deal than the promotion they had when we were there.
  6. Of course, we aren’t experts, but if you have questions about it now or later, feel free to ask.  I really didn’t go into how DVC works, but I may add a page later on to explain it a bit better.

End of Plug. 🙂

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